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I love the art of glass fusing.  The process of using flat glass, frit, stringer, noodles and rods to make a piece of art that has beauty and many times also function captivates  me. Once a design has been decided upon, I cut the glass and assemble various elements to achieve the design.  Depending on the design the piece may be fired more than once. One very important step that I do is to make sure that all of my pieces are annealed properly.  This toughens the glass but please remember that it is still glass and care must be taken in handling and cleaning.

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This piece to the left was a 12" piece of constructed glass with waves and dots and lines of color.  The second firing was a process called slumping.  The piece of glass was set on top of a mold and put back into the kiln for a special firing.  The base was constructed, fired and slumped separately.  After all the processes were completed the base was glued to the main bowl using a glue that would ensure success.

This item, to the right, starts with a clear glass base.  The clear light amber glass was cut into shapes that resemble leaves or flower petals, depending on your imagination.  Black and amber opaque glass was cut in various leaf shapes also.  The pieces were assembled in a pleasing arrangement and another piece of opaque amber glass was added as a base.  Accents of stringer in orange and black and amber frit were added to finish the look.  The piece was put into a glass kiln for a full fuse firing.  The design that you see on the clear glass was achieved by placing the piece on a fiber sheet used for this purpose. 

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To the left is another slightly different process.  After the the various pieces of glass were cut assembled and fused the next step is to put it back into the kiln on a drop mold. 


A drop mold has a shaped hole in the center.  The mold is put into the kiln on top of special stilts.  The stilts are of varied heights and the hieght will depend on the desired look of the final product.  The flat piece of fused glass is placed on top of the drop mold, put into the kiln and fired.  The firing time must be controlled to get the desired effet.